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With the SoftCall application installed on your mobile phone or PC, you will more easily be able to manage your busy work and home life, with our smart set of easy-to-use features designed to work seeamlessly between all of your devices.

Managing Life Easier

SoftCall Features

Call Details Records

Call Details Records

Check your call details and control your costs per call, and make sure that you are not getting wrongly charged.


Call Recording

Record your conversation for later reference.

Voicemail to Email


Receive your voicemail messages to your mailbox seamlessly.

Follow Me


Forward your calls to yuor mobile number in case ou are not reachable online or directly to your voicemail.

Call Hold Call Waiting

Call Hold / Call Waiting

Put a caller on hold while you are getting a second call.

Display Caller ID

Display Caller-ID

See who is calling you so you can decide whether to answer the call.

911 Emergency Call Service is NOT available with this application. Please use a non-Voip service for your emergency calls.