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We “KANSON” are into this industry since 1990. We are into manufacturing and importing the best acupuncture products since we had stated this business. We are known for over best service to Professional Acupuncturists all over INDIA with the new innovated and best products all the time. Our main aim is to commit our self towards the Inovation of the Products which todays Acupuncturist needs with commitment towards the services. This website contains valuable information about Acupuncture Products and other related details which is benefial to all the Acupuncturist. The resources in this website would be useful not only for current acupuncturist but also for those people who intend to pursue their career in the field of Acupuncture.
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What is acupunture ?
The treatment of various disease of the body carried out by inserting very fine needles into the specific points of the body is termed as acupuncture. It comprise two parts-to needle and to heat. In latin, acus means neddle and pungue mean pricking. The whole body is endowed with a number of spots- the acupuncture points. These points, when stimulated either by needles or by warming, bring about the cure. The source of needle stimulation either by needles or by electricity. The heating is done by burning a kind of herb Artemisia vulgaris and the technique is called moxibustion. The two technique needling and moxibustion can be used separately or in combination. And during the modern period (since the 1970s) an increasing number of ways to stimulate the healing...