Kopertek Metals Private Limited
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Welcome to Kopertek
Kopertek Metals Private Limited has established itself as one of India’s leading names in the field of Copper Rod manufacturing and copper wire drawing with our promise of quality products that stay ahead of time. We manufacture copper rod (8mm) from cathode and there after it is drawn to specific size ranging from 0.160mm to 0.500 through Rod Break Down (RBD) and Fine Wire Drawing (FWD) process.
The Quality Paradigm
"We simply believe Performance is the only language of quality"
The Leadership aspect
""Leadership is about making common men do uncommon things"
Contact Us
Plot No: SP-238,
Kahrani (Bhiwadi Extension)
Ind. Area, Dist.Alwar (Rajasthan)
Ph : 91 000-00000
Email : info@kopertek.com

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